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After World War II Gino Lombardi, as many other Italians, had to rethink his life and start over. He began with the great adventure of Studio Lombardi. Since 1945, Studio Lombardi has reached the third generation of professionals, counselled many entrepreneurs, either medium or small, in the daily matters of doing business.
The traditional core–business of our Firm has always been the Human Resources management, in a regulatory framework that is getting more and more complicated within the years, hence a reinforcement of the structure was needed, with the cooperation of an expert Labour Lawyer.
The reality of SMEs needs not some head physician, rather it needs a family doctor, than can tutor the entrepreneur, solving problems and even warding off; in spite of all this, beside the traditional role of Accountant and Labour Lawyer, are added new specialized and strategic skills, as those related to the criminal liabilities (D.L. 231/2001).

Gino Lombardi

Gino Lombardi

Labor Consultant

The Team

Roberto Lombardi

Roberto Lombardi

Livorno, n°28, Sezione A.



Giovanni Lombardi



Giovanni Lombardi

Labor Consultant
Livorno n°402


Antonella Fatighenti

Antonella Fatighenti

Livorno, n°275, Sezione A

Secretary Livorno

Daniela Picco

Secretary Donoratico

Cinzia Nota

Accountancy and Services

Pina Badalucco, Diego Barani, Roberta Micheletti, Marianna Panigada, Sara Sgammato, Sonia Laureano, Merita Domi.


Dott. Diletta Costagli
Dott. Chiara Tuci, Consulente del Lavoro, Ordine Livorno n° 434

Office Management & Data Processing

Memory Data S.a.S.
Paolo Lombardi Office Manager
Rag. Rosanna Guidi
Accountant, Livorno n°364A

External Partners

Gianni Mini Accountant, Livorno n°393A
Analysis S.A.S. 
Sabina Bettarini Accountant, Pisa n°599A
Filippo Notaro Laboral Lawyer, Pisa n°1323